Kimberly + Ryan // Proposal

We already had baby Emma's birthday shoot all planned out: theme, location, props, everything. I didn't think we could be more excited! A few days before the shoot, Ryan messages me asking me to call him about something very important...

 (Reload page to replay.)

He bought a ring...

The ring! 

He told me he wanted to propose to Kimberly while we were in Flagstaff, knowing that the memory of her father would make it extra special. (Cue the tears.) 

So we spent the day taking pictures of Emma with family portraits in between. As time ticked on, I was worried about getting caught in the approaching rainstorm, and what did those thoughts do? Completely jinx us of course. 

It was pouring as we left the woods, luckily we didn't get stuck in mud along the way. Knowing what was next, I was so anxious as we drove down to the final stop, I can only imagine how Ryan was feeling! We approached the giant field of wildflowers we passed on the way up and there was a small lapse in the downfall. It was only a matter of minutes before it started raining again so it was now or never! 

I snapped a few photos of them both and asked Kimberly to face the other way, making her think it had something to do with the pose. When she turned back around, there was the love of her life, on one knee, asking her to be his forever. (Cue more tears.) 

Kimberly, it's crazy-amazing to think that just a year ago I was taking your maternity photos with sweet Emma still in your belly: Thank you for continuing to allow me be take part in documenting such special moments in your lives!

Congratulations Kimberly & Ryan!