Family Dinner @ Casa Enrique

The last time I was in New York I realized that I never really had a full meal with my sister. Can you believe that? I mean, I guess we were just too busy having the time of our lives... but still, it was unacceptable!! So we set out on a mission that turned up a quaint restaurant serving authentic Mexican cuisine in Long Island City called Casa Enrique. It was Michelin-Star rated and happened to share our dad's name, so naturally we had to try it. With a reference to home, it was also fitting to enjoy the experience with The Shridharani's, who are my sister's New York family. We indulged in watermelon margarita's, mole enchilada's, marinated pork tacos, and more: I can still taste the custard perfection that was their flan! The only thing I'm disappointed in is myself for not taking a photo of our entrees, UGH! (*throws head back and makes Tina Belcher groan.*)

Oh well, it's just another reason to go back. :)

Stay tuned, more to come from my trip...