Ruze Cakehouse & Teaspressa

Congratulations on a successful grand opening weekend to Ruze Cakehouse & Teaspressa! I had a great time experiencing a taste of heaven on earth, you fall for the charm the moment you walk in the door! I was in love with the white walls and lush accents, and died when I saw their macaroons... they are literal pieces of ART my friends. Cheers again to the sweetest spot on Main Street! 

NYC Living: Rooftop Experience

The weather was perfect today. I love overcast days especially since we don't see too many in Arizona. A bit humid, but nothing unbearable. We grabbed a morning coffee and set out on our day.  

After walking from one end of the city to the other, we ended up at a rooftop bar called The Monarch looking over the city streets for lunch.  We kicked our feet up on the couch and had a glass of champagne. After enjoying our drinks and our meal we checked out another rooftop that was perfect for lounging (or should I say digesting?) with an even better view. We were in the heart of Manhattan, I was so overwhelmed with all the buildings, shapes, sounds, and colors surrounding me! 

The cityscape lent itself as a perfect backdrop for some portrait shots of my sis, and I just couldn't help but feel like I was living life like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City!

Mission. Accomplished.

Day 2

With time off work, my sister and I took things easy during my second day in town. We walked around the city, made a pastry pitstop, and met up with her roommate for dinner.

Random thoughts include:

- How in the heck is New York's tap water so refreshing?

- How long until I experience a celebrity sighting? 

- Why did I imagine there'd be more hot dog stands throughout the city?